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Research has shown that probabilities derived from betting markets are more accurate than polls at predicting political outcomes. For the purpose of convenience, this site lists estimated probabilities of each candidate winning the general election and a selection of swing states. It uses data from Betfair to perform the estimation.

Text in each table cell is shaded in proportion to a measure of liquidity in each market. Darker cells imply more confidence in the estimate.

Columns are sortable by clicking on the header cells.

General Election

Name Probability
Hillary Clinton 83.3%
Donald Trump 15.9%
Bernie Sanders 0.2%
Joe Biden 0.1%
Paul Ryan 0.1%
Tim Kaine 0.1%
Mike Pence 0.2%

Swing states


Name Probability
Democrats 89.5%
Republicans 11.2%


Name Probability
Democrats 75.5%
Republicans 24.5%


Name Probability
Democrats 91.8%
Republicans 7.9%

North Carolina

Name Probability
Democrats 74.1%
Republicans 25.9%


Name Probability
Democrats 63.7%
Republicans 39.3%


Name Probability
Democrats 88.4%
Republicans 11.3%


Name Probability
Democrats 91.8%
Republicans 7.8%

Frequently asked questions

Why did you make this site?

Primarily for my own convenience. I would like to be informed about the state of the presidential election without having to take the distasteful step of closely following political news. This site functions as a simple one-step way for me to quickly get up to speed without any political spin.

Why are political betting markets banned in the United States?

That's a good question. For an overview of the regulatory situation surrounding betting markets and suggestions for reform, I recommend this paper by Adam Ozimek.

Did the legal status of political betting markets in the US hamper your efforts to build this site?

Why, in fact it did. Betfair is a betting exchange located in the United Kingdom. In order to comply with US law, it does not allow users to log in to its site from the United States. In order to access data from Betfair through a programmatic interface, one must be logged in. To meet Betfair's requirements and stay well clear of US law, the server processing data from Betfair and serving this site is located in the European Union.

How can I help defray the costs of running this site?

You can donate via Bitcoin below.